The contents/ pictures/ images/ renderings/maps (collectively referred to as "advertisement") are purely indicative in nature and are artist’s conception and not actual depiction of buildings/landscapes etc. and shall not be considered as our offer/promise/commitment of any nature in respect of the project.

The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 (‘‘RERA’’) has come into force from 1st May, 2017 and has brought many changes to the real estate sector. The Developer is fully committed to the face the changes due to RERA, many compliances are required to be complied within a period of 90 days from 1st May, 2017 on or before 31st July, 2017 like registration of phases, calculation of carpet area etc. The Developer is in the process of complying with the various compliances under RERA however, it will take some time for the said compliance.

As per RERA, Developers are not allowed to advertise unregistered future phases of a project after a period of 90 days from 1st May, 2017. However, the advertisements available on the website were created prior to the RERA came into force and thus contains/may contain promotional material related to future phases of the project. The offerings outlined in those advertisements in whatever form may not be a part of the initial phase of the project and may be delivered in later phases or on completion of Project.

The common areas and amenities that have been shown in any advertisement, audio visuals and/or any type of communication in any form whatsoever is/are for the entire Project and not specific for any particular building or phase of the Project and that the common areas and amenities will not be available on completion of the first phase of the Project or later phases. The common areas and amenities shall be available for the entire project and will be developed in a Phase-wise manner, over a period of time and will be completed and handed over after all phases are completed and we have no objection for the same.

We are in process of reviewing and revising all the communications/advertisments and/or any promotional material in any form whatsoever in view of the provisions of the RERA Act, 2016 and Rules made thereunder. Hence, the contents presently reflecting on the website shall neither be deemed to be any sort of advertisement/marketing/promotional activity etc. in respect of the project and/or Softcorner group companies nor shall be relied upon, for any information in respect of the project and/or any Softcorner group companies, to be submitted to the concerned authorities setup under RERA.

You/Viewers are requested to contact our Sales Team to understand the current details regarding the project and only after thorough understanding about the same, make a decision to book the apartment/s in the project. Any decision regarding booking of the apartment/s in the project by you, until the project is registered under RERA, relying upon the contents of this website, shall be solely at your costs and consequences. Softcorner group companies and or its directors, employees, are not liable for any consequence of any action taken by the viewer relying on such material/information on this website while it is in process of being updated till 31st July, 2017.

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Township of 700 N.A. Plots At IGATPURI

The Land which Lonavala envies
About Us
Igatpuri. Fog Country.
As your car touches Kasara Ghat, the highest range in the Sahyadris, windows drawn up, A/c switched on, and your car starts negotiating the steep curves of the rising NH-3. Rubber grinds mortar. Temperature soars with every turn. Finally you reach the top. Time to switch off the a/c and throw open the windows to an exhilarating experience of the first blast of the welcoming coolness of Igatpuri. Something in you stirs. You realise it is the dream weekend home you have been raising for years in the depths of your heart now wanting to relocate itself somewhere on this cool, green, in-undulating geography spread in front of you.

Shri Venkatesh Nagar. Dream Geography. Come relocate your dream weekend home in Shri Venkatesh Nagar. On land, blessed by nature, between the mountains and the Mumbai-Nasik Highway in the Pimpri Sadaon region of Igatpuri. Shri Venkatesh Nagar. Plots in fog country. A six phase green canvas. Fenced in phases. Divided in to plots. Unit sizes of 3000 sq. ft. and multiples there off. Equipped with all the necessary infrastructure, including a club in the making, it’s hospitality wide-open to the discerning nature lover, ready to serve 24x7.

Shri Venkatesh Nagar. A plot today. Your customised villa tomorrow. Come, feel the place. Select the plot that warms you. Then, when you feel it’s time allow us to build your dream weekend home on it. A home not merely a replica of others around it but an expression of your thoughts, your being, your dream. An inheritance that your future generations will enjoy and thank you for. Nothing will give us more joy than seeing your family come home to it every weekend.
Igatpuri. Places to see.
Bhatsa River Valley: A lush green cover.
Thal Ghat: Home to Bhatsa River Valley.
Camel Valley: Huge favorite among trekkers.
Abundant Waterfalls: Fall from 1000 ft height during the monsoons. The Dhanushya Tirtha falls is the closest.
Ghantadevi Mandir: Close to the Camel valley.
Tringalwadi Fort: Ideal for monsoon trekks.
Tringalwadi Lake: Adorns Tringalwadi Fort.
Talegoan Dam: A water beauty.
Dhammagiri: A Vipassana Research Institute.
Vaitarna and Darna Dams: Quite picnic spots.
Bhandardara: Famed for some spectacular waterfalls and a lake.
Igatpuri. Well Connected.
By Air: Mumbai, nearest airport 140 km away.
By Rail: A well connected junction.
By Road: Two hour drive from Mumbai.
Project Specialities
NA Order from Sub Divisional Officer, Nasik.
Layout sanctioned by town planning department.
Separate 7/12 extract for each plot.
W B M roads. Electricity and Water up to the plots.
Project approved by HDFC.
Roadside plantations.
A 1,00,000 litre water tank.
A drainage system.
Landscaped garden with children’s play equipment.
Separate compound for the entire project.
A decorative main entrance gate.
A Club House with indoor & outdoor game facilities.
Actual View
Location Map

Disclaimer : The contents/pictures/images/renderings/maps (collectively referred to as "advertisement") are purely indicative in nature and are artist's conception and not actual depiction of buildings/landscapes etc. and shall not be considered as our offer/promise/commitment of any nature in respect of the project.

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